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La Jolla Access Control

Controlling access to your home or business is now easier than ever. La Jolla Security Systems offer solutions that allow specific time frames when access is granted, audit trail when entry is made and allowing you the capability to unlock doors using your smartphone or tablet from across the street or anywhere Internet is available. Please Contact us to learn more about La Jolla access control strategies for your home and/or business.

Do I Need an Access Control System?
Access control is an important and increasingly necessary feature for businesses and homes. For a company with more than one employee, it may be necessary to restrict access to some employees while allowing access by other employees. Similarly, at home, you may have domestic help or visitors who need access to your home; at the same time, you may not want them to access every part of your home. A La Jolla access control system can manage these access points.

The benefits of having an access control system include:

  • control who gets access to parts of the home or business
  • count or talley the number of times each access point is used
  • record the time of entry and the time of exit (important in case of disputes)
  • have a record of who went where (important in case of theft or similar event)
  • deactivate access card when access is no longer granted